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“Cartoo’n’Kite” – Concorso internazionale di satira disegnata dedicato agli Aquiloni

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    Dear cartoonist,

    The event “VOLOEVENTO” dedicated to celebrate kits (30 June, 1/2 July 2017) proudly hosts the second edition of “CARTOO’N’KITE -2017″,International satirical grafic contest dedicated to kites.
    Designers artwork will be exposed in the main salon of “Il Castagneto ” in Toscolano, medioeval castle in Avigliano Umbro territory starting june 30th for a week. First and second prize will be assigned by a qualified jury.
    You can read the partecipation rules as follows and then upload it, including the partecipation form, clicking on the under placed link.

    Theme: Kite and Wind

    Deadline: May 10th 2017
    Web: (view gallery of “Cartoo’n’Kite – 2016”

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